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Cardiology check for children

We care for the hearts of children and young people from the first months of life to 17 years of age

Home polysomnography (sleep study)

We are the only ones in eastern Antioquia that provide the polysomnography service in the comfort of your home

Only ones in eastern Antioquia

Vascular medicine check

Learn about all our vascular procedures to improve the quality of your life

Our professionals will take care of you, from heart to heart

Warm service

from heart to heart

Experienced professionals

willing to take care of your heart

A team of collaborators

at your service

Get to know our specialists

We have a team of specialists willing to provide you with the best service

Attention to

policy patientes

prepaid medicine

and individuals

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Muy juiciosos con los recordatorios de las citas

Santiago V

Calidez y buena atencion en recepción

Ricardo R

Muy buena atención del Dr. Bernal

Liliana O Designation

Cordialidad y eficiencia

Luciano A

Amabilidad y buena actitud

Carlos U

Muy buena atención del Dr. Andrés Tobón

Clara G

Muy atentos y diligentes

Faride S

Muy amable el personal de enfemería (Natalia)

Julio R


Medical clearances

City Medical Tower - Rionegro

Q Office Building - Medellín