Petitions, Complaints, Claims, Suggestions, Compliments

  • Petition: It is an action by means of which the user, in a respectful manner, requests the company any information related to the provision of the service.
  • Complaint: It is the expression or manifestation made by the user to the company for the dissatisfaction generated by the provision of our services.
  • Claim: It is the opposition or disagreement presented by the user, with the purpose of having the company review and evaluate an action related to the provision of the service in economic terms. 
  • Suggestion: It is a proposal submitted by a user to influence the improvement of a process of the company whose object is related to the provision of the service. 
  • Compliment: It is the manifestation that expresses the pleasure or satisfaction with a staff member or with the process that generates the service.

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Muy juiciosos con los recordatorios de las citas

Santiago V

Calidez y buena atencion en recepción

Ricardo R

Muy buena atención del Dr. Bernal

Liliana O Designation

Cordialidad y eficiencia

Luciano A

Amabilidad y buena actitud

Carlos U

Muy buena atención del Dr. Andrés Tobón

Clara G

Muy atentos y diligentes

Faride S

Muy amable el personal de enfemería (Natalia)

Julio R